Wajima, ShiroyoneSenmaida: Azeno Kirameki, illumination

Wajima, ShiroyoneSenmaida: Azeno Kirameki, illumination


The annual Senmaida Light Up (Aze no Kirameki) is one of the best and most famous illumination events in Wajima City. The rice paddies twinkle in the darkness with 25,000 Solar LEDs every night from mid-October to mid-March.

  • About Shiroyone Senmaida

    Shiroyone Senmaida (A Thousand Rice Paddies in Shiroyone) is the rice terraces located in Shiroyone town, Wajima City of Ishikawa Prefecture.

    The scenery of 1,004 small rice paddies on steep slopes along the seaside is splendid, and thus famous among the many other rice terraces in Japan. Shiroyone Senmaida was selected as one of "Japan's Top 100 Terraced Rice Paddies" and nationally designated a "Special Place of Scenic Beauty".

    These green rice paddies create a beautiful and bright contrast to the background of the blue sea. The rays of the evening sun setting over the sea reflect beautifully on the paddies and make it an ideal spot for landscape photography. The traditional and beautiful scenery of Japan is also popular among international tourists in recent years.

  • Azeno Kirameki

    The LED device used for illumination is commonly called “Pet Firefly”.
    PET bottles were developed in cooperation with local companies. It is charged with daytime solar energy and automatically emits light when it gets dark.
    It was also certified by the Guinness World Record in the category of “largest display of solar power LED”.

    Illuminations light up slowly, changing colors every 15 minutes from pink to green gold to blue, and colored the night of Senmaida.


    From October 19, 2019 (Sat) to March 15, 2020 (Sun)

    Estimated lighting time:
    October 17:30, November 17:00, December 16:55
    January 17:15, February 17:50, March 18:15


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