Kibune Momiji-tourou: Autumn Leaves Light up the Night in Kyoto

Kibune Momiji-tourou: Autumn Leaves Light up the Night in Kyoto

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Illuminations are held at night in the precincts of Kifune Shrine and along the leaves seen from the window of the Hiyama train. The night view is impressive in its own right, and quite different from the daytime atmosphere.

  • ■ The "Maple Tunnel" between Ichihara and Ninose Stations
    Between Ichihara and Ninose Station, there is a tunnel created by coloring maple leaves that spans 250 meters. When passing through the maple tunnel, the train will slow down so you can enjoy the view (light up until around 21:00).
    In addition, the maple at Ninose Station and Kifuneguchi Station will also be lit up.

    ■ Kifune Cuisine Ryokan Town
    The lanterns are deployed in the Kibune Cuisine Inn area (about 1km). This street corner was the way that Izumi Shikibu prayed for love in the old days. It is now called “Koi no Michi” (love road).

    ■ Kifune River
    Kifune River is one of the sources of the Kamogawa River in Kyoto. In this area of water source, the forest forms a clear stream, and the beautiful water grows wonderful autumn leaves.

    ■ Kifune Shrine
    Light up the autumn leaves in the precincts of Kifune Shrine (Hongu, Yusha, Okumiya), famous for marriage.
    The approach to Okumiya is said to be “the way of love”.

    In addition, during the light-up period, live events will be held at Kifune Shrine, mainly on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

  • Kibune Momiji-tourou
    Dates: November 2 (Sat) to 24 (Sun), 2019

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