Year End Gathering at Aoyama Hachi

Year End Gathering at Aoyama Hachi


LDG presents Year-End Party collaborated with “The Sharing” has an unique concept where adult audience in the underground scene have been gathering, and “御月民(Otsukimi)” to Techno scene that is the creative party collectives of young generation.

  • Those artists are going to be featured in this Year-End Party that :
    “Atika Alter” from Singapore who is leading the Techno scene in Southeast Asia and has sounds like a LDG. “The Japanese Techno King Takaaki Itoh” who has a close relationship with LDG and he is top of top Techno DJ in underground that Japan boasts to the world.
    “The Downbeat Maestro 山頂瞑想茶屋(Sancho Meiso Chaya)” and also some leading top DJs and promoters from Re:birth Festival and Sawagi Festival.

    We would like to have this Year-End Party as an appreciation for all of you who has been involved with us in this year. Children are super welcomed to this party, so be freely to come!

    ■LDG presents
    “忘年会2019 / Year End Gathering”
    Supported by The Sharing, 御月民

    Aoyama Hachi
    16:00 START

    ・2F LDG Downbeat
    Atika Altar (Interstellar) from Singapore
    BRUNA (Veta)
    Yoshitaka Shirakura (Conflux, Konvektion)
    YUTA (Liquid Drop Groove)

    ・3F LDG Psychedelic Techno
    Takaaki Itoh (WOLS)
    SAKI (Liquid Drop Groove)
    DJ G. & Oryu (ザ・シェアリング / The Sharing)
    Tsutomu (Sawagi Festival)
    mu”he (FUSION)

    ・4F 御月民 Techno / House
    CHOKO (Digitalblock)
    KOJIRO (Re:birth Festival)
    Ayana JJ (Smitten)
    AYUMI (Unshelter)
    MGTM (御月民)

    2F サイババキッチンあべんべ@COCOTABLE
    4F HappyShake



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