Start Off 2020! Tokyo Skytree Town(R) New Year’s Event

Start Off 2020! Tokyo Skytree Town(R) New Year’s Event


Tokyo Skytree Town will host a variety of New Year’s events, starting December 26 (Thurs), 2019 through January 7 (Wed), 2020.

  • Special New Year’s Lighting

    The Tokyo Skytree® will start a special New Year’s lighting that is based on the Japanese nation flag.
    Duration: January 1‐3, 2020 from 16:45-22:00
    *Times may be altered due to circumstances.

  • Shishimai

    Shishimai will be underway during Tokyo Skytree’s first business day of the year, and the first sales day in Tokyo Solamachi®. There will be a musical accompaniment with a dance performance to pray for good health and safety.

    Duration: January 1, 2020 (Wed/Holiday)
    Venue/time: Tokyo Skytree Observation Deck Floor 350, from 8:00~
    Tokyo Skytree Town 1st floor Solamachi Plaza from 9:30/11:00
    *Approx. 20 minutes each
    *Venue/time may change without notice based on weather or over crowding.

    ■What is Shishimai?
    It is a traditional performance where you wear a lion head and dance. It has been performed in Japan for ages on New Year’s and special occasions to bring happiness, prevent illness, and ward off evil.

  • Try Sake and Wrestle a Sumo

    Sumo wrestling is part of traditional Japanese culture. We have invited real sumo wrestlers from the Kise Stable in Sumida Ward for an event where you can test your strength against them and take photos.

    Duration: From January 1 (Wed/Holiday) to 3 (Fri), 2020
    Time: January 1 (Wed) 8:00/10:00, 2 (Thurs) and 3 (Fri)
    *15 minutes each round
    Venue: Tokyo Skytree Observation Deck Floor 350

    There will also be an event where the sumo wrestlers serve you sake.

    Duration: January 1 (Wed/Holiday), 2020
    Time: 13:00 *Approx. 30 minutes each round
    Venue: Tokyo Skytree Town 1st floor Solamachi Plaza

  • Mohri Suzuki’s New Year’s Calligraphy Performance, Calligraphy Workshop

    The calligrapher, Mohri Suzuki, will hold a calligraphy performance. This will be his eighth time holding one, and it is intended to help you draw out dynamic characters on a massive sheet spread to express your wish for the new year.

    Duration: January 2 (Thurs) and 3 (Fri), 2020
    Time: 13:00 *Approx. 30 minutes
    Venue: Tokyo Skytree Town 1st floor Solamachi Plaza
    *The venue may change due to weather.

    A New Year’s calligraphy workshop will also be held. New Year’s calligraphy (kakizome) refers to the traditional Japanese practice of writing your goals and aspirations for the new year. Don’t worry is it’s your first time. He will directly assist you so that your results are beautiful.

    Duration: January 2 (Thurs) and 3 (Fri), 2020
    Time: 14:00/14:30/15:00/15:30/16:30/17:00/17:30 *Approx. 20 minutes each round
    Venue: Tokyo Solamachi East Yard 3rd floor Special Arena
    Fee: None
    Number of participants: 20 people each round

  • New Year’s Decorations

    Gate pine trees three meters tall, massive kites (up to six meters long and four meters wide) from Kasukabe City, Saitama, which is famous for its kites, among other New Year’s decorations will be placed throughout.

    ■What is a gate pine tree?
    It is a New Year’s decoration made of bamboo and pine tree that is placed in front of the gate of your house for a certain period at the end of the year.
    It helps Toshigama-sama (the god that brings good bounty to your home at the start of the new year) find your house without getting lost.

    At the Tokyo Skytree observation deck, you will find a great photo spot to make New Year’s cards together with the view, and you may be able to see Mt. Fuji if the weather is good. Additionally, at the Tokyo Solamachi entrance, there will be a creative flower arrangement exhibit called “The First Sky Flower Arrangement of 2020” by Tanaka Suzumine.

  • You will also find street performers doing juggling and acrobatics, as well as great bargains throughout Tokyo Skytree Town.

    Every country has its own way of greeting the new year. What do you have planned?
    If you are in Japan, we recommend getting to know Japan’s traditions while you are sightseeing.

    Japan, as well as the rest of Asia, has a strong zodiac tradition. It originated in China, and is used to denote times and directions. 2020 is the year of the rat. You may find a lot of rat themes as you walk around Japan at New Year’s. *The zodiac animals differ by nation.

    The zodiac animal changes every year, with twelve covering a span of twelve years.
    What is your zodiac animal? It might be a good time to look it up and find out.

  • At the Postal Museum, they offer a variety of New Year’s goods, including year of the rat postcards, local toys, New Year’s lottery postcards and stamps, and prizes.

    Duration: January 1 (Wed/Holiday) through 11 (Tue/Holiday), 2020
    *Closed on January 27 (Mon)
    Time: 10:00-17:30
    *Last admittance: 17:00
    Venue: Tokyo Skytree Town 9th floor Postal Museum
    Fee: ¥300 for adults, ¥150 for children (elementary through high school)
    *Pre-school aged children and below enter for free

    The Olympics will be help in Tokyo in 2020.
    Take the chance to enjoy the energy of Tokyo during this landmark year.

    A variety of events are held throughout the year at Tokyo Skytree.
    Please see the official website for transport information and business hours.



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