Relaxing with cats at the end of the day

Relaxing with cats at the end of the day


In Japan, cat cafes are popular spots for people to play with cats and heal their hearts. They are becoming increasingly popular with tourists from abroad as well in recent years. Some cat cafes are open at night as well. In this article we will discuss Cat Cafe MOCHA, a particularly popular cafe. Drinking some sake and going to clubs can be fun, but why not relax together with some cats every once in a while?

  • Cat Cafe MOCHA has opened stores mostly in Tokyo and Osaka, in places such as Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Osaka Shinsaibashi.
    They are a popular establishment often visited by tourists from abroad.

  • Shibuya Central District Store/CAT CAFE MOCHA is one of their larger establishments that’s open during the night.
    With 26 cats, it has a large window that lets you look out onto the view of the city in Shibuya.
    The Shibuya Central District shop is apparently home to a rare oriental short hair, the only one in the Cat Cafe MOCHA chain.

    The cats look great with the view in photographs. Have a look at this page for ways to get good shots of the cats.

  • Dinner time is popular, with the cats lining up all at once to eat dinner together.
    Some of the guests from abroad said that they came just to see it.
    They also sell cat treats. (¥500) Giving the cats treats will instantly make you popular with them, making them a popular choice for customers.
    Check the dinner times on their official home page.

  • ■Cat Cafe MOCHA Shibuya Central District Store / CAT CAFE MOCHA

    Access: 〒150-0042 Assorti Shibuya 8F, 32-12 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
    Business hours: 10:00-22:00 (final entry: 21:30)


    Maximum fees
    Standard: ¥2,400
    Student prices (high school and under): ¥1,200 *Weekdays only
    Drink bar: ¥350
    *Taxes not included

    *Reservations not required. Please come directly to the shop.

    ・Shibuya Central District Store / CAT CAFE MOCHA Official store information
    (Check here for dinner times)

    There are other stores that are open in addition to Shibuya Central District Store / CAT CAFE MOCHA.
    ・Cat Cafe MOCHA Store List

    ・Cat Cafe MOCHA Official Website


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