Hibernation Film Festival Vol. 1: An Animation Film Festival held at Towada City, Aomori’s City of Art

Hibernation Film Festival Vol. 1: An Animation Film Festival held at Towada City, Aomori’s City of Art


Held at the Towada Art Center from January 1st through April 5th, 2020. They have invited Nobuaki Doi, a leading animation researcher, as a guest and curator, and he will focus on the works of well known independent animators.

  • Nu Q《New〜Tokyo Ondo》 *Reference image
  • Participants include Ryo Hirano, from the manga FANTASTIC WORLD, and Nu Q, who has worked music videos on CHATMONCHY and Companella. They are all well known animators that represent modern Japan.

    The Hibernation Film Festival is not an event that simply shows film. Participating artists joined into three groups, each with their our world view with which they change the exhibition area into a different world based on a concept.

    The three groups of artists visited Towada City August 2019 for the event, and went to power spots including Towada Lake and Oirasekeiryuu. Using the spiritual inspiration they found there, the three groups produced new film installations, which they will reveal at the Hibernation Film Festival.

    Saigo no Shudan《EVISBEATS "NEW YOKU feat. CHAN-MIKA"》 *Reference image
  • Ryo Hirano《Paradise》 ©Ryo Hirano/FOGHORN *Reference image
  • ■Event overview
    Hibernation Film Festival vol.1 - Spring of Rejuvenation - The front lines of independent animation!

    Duration: January 25 (Sat) through April 5 (Sun), 2020
    Venue hours: 9:00 – 17:00 (final entry is 30 minutes before closing)
    Holiday: Mondays (If it falls on a holiday, the following day)
    Venue: Towada Art Center
    Fees: Event exhibit + standard exhibit set is ¥1,200. ¥800 for the event exhibit only.
    Groups (20 people or more) receive a ¥100 discount. Visitors of high school age and below enter for free.
    Guest & Curator: Nobuaki Doi

    Towada Art Center Official Site

    Top image:
    Design: Saigo no Shudan 
    Illustration: Ryo Hirano, Nu Q, Saigo no Shudan


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