Mystical Island:  Winter Illumination at Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, Yokohama

Mystical Island: Winter Illumination at Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, Yokohama


From November 1 (Fri), 2019, until February 29 (Sat), 2020, Sea Paradise will hold the mysterious, limited time winter event, Mystical Island. The entire venue will be filled with light.

  • Mystical Lights

    This year's theme is "the bright and vivid world of the sea". Figures of light, including dolphins, polar bears, and penguins will stand surrounding tree shaped illumination pieces of over eight meters in height, to brightly color every corner of the island.

  • This tunnel of light extends for approximately 100 meters, and connects the merry go round to the carnival house. Blue and pink light is scattered over beautiful white shell shaped arch tents, which vividly light up those who walk beneath it.

    Duration: November 1 (Fri), 2019, until February 29 (Sat), 2020
    Illumination Times: From 4pm until closing
    Venue: Throughout to island
    Information: The island closes at 9:30pm on weekdays, and at 10:30pm on Saturdays

  • Club D

    Club D, a lounge where you can enjoy a beverage while you watch the dolphins, will open at the dolphin aquarium, Dolphin Fantasia.

    There is no roof to the arch aquarium where the dolphins swim, and becomes a warm space filled with sunlight in the afternoon, and, at night, becomes romantic with the moonlight, with the dolphins seeming to swim through sky, allowing you to see them from a completely new perspective.

    Duration: November 1 (Fri), 2019, until February 29 (Sat), 2020
    Business Times: From 1pm until closing
    Venue: Dolphin Fantasia
    Final Admittance: 5:45pm on weekdays, and 6:15pm on Saturdays
    Closing time is 30 minutes later.

    At the night show, LIGHTIA, which features animals of the sea, they feature performances that bring together dolphins, trainers, and visual effects, for a show of the miraculous bonds between people and dolphins.
    This night show offers the best in entertainment, and is sure to keep you enraptured for the whole 20 minutes.

    Hakkejima Sea Paradise is selling cheap tickets that will help you get the most out of your night. See their official homepage for details.

    Official Home Page


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