Osaka’s Southside DOWNTOWN- SHINSEKAI, a nostalgic area with the history of 100 years

Osaka’s Southside DOWNTOWN- SHINSEKAI, a nostalgic area with the history of 100 years

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All around the world, Downtown in big cities make you feel excited. In Osaka, the west part of Japan, there is a nostalgic downtown called 「SHINSEKAI」in the south area.

All around the world, Downtowns represent the authenticity, culture, and people in a city. In Osaka, a large city in the western region of Japan, there is a downtown area called SHINSEKAI in the southern part of the city that will give you a glimpse of retro Osaka in a modern day setting.

  • The historical background of SHINSEKAI started in 1903 during the Meiji Era of Japan where many people started living in this area after the 5th National Industrial Exhibition. With the establishment of Tennoji Park, the Tsutenkaku Tower which was the highest tower in east Asia during the time, and a theme park called Luna Park, it was the center of modernization with Movie Theaters and western influences taking over the city itself.
    Thus it's called SHINSEKAI or New World given to this part of town by its inhabitants. However, after the damage of WWII, the Tsutenkaku Tower was destroyed by fire and people started moving away from SHINSEKAI.

    Only when the Tsutenkaku Tower was rebuilt in 1956 by the demand of the citizens, the SHINSEKAI area was revitalized once again.

  • Fast forward to modern day, there is a 200 meter long shopping street called Tsutenkaku Hondori Shopping Street with the Tsutenkaku Tower as the center of the area. You’ll find rows of restaurants here representing Osaka’s “Kuidaore”, culture which literally means ‘eat until you drop’.
    South of the tower, there is an area called “Janjan Yokocho” shopping area which also attracts a huge crowd every year with its variety of stores such as Shogi Clubs, Izakayas, cafes, and theaters all co-existing in this historical part of Osaka. Visit here both during the day and night to see how the colors and atmosphere changes into a neon-light city with beautiful night-views to offer.

  • It takes 10~15minutes from big stations like Umeda and Nanba by train.
    Nearest stations are the subway Dobutsuenmae Station and Ebisucho Station.
    From there to walking street to Tsutenkaku Tower, the surrounding area is called 「SHINSEKAI」where you can feel the atmosphere of 2020 and 1960s all together, and the warmth of people.

    About 10~15 minutes by train from big stations such as Umeda and Nanba.Nearest stations are the Dobutsuenmae Station and the Ebisucho Station. Experience the 1960’s and modern SHINSEKAI together as you emerge from the station and walk towards the Tsutenkaku Tower.

  • ▷「SHINSEKAI」Must-visit spots

  • Enjoy the view of Osaka from the Tsukenkaku Tenbo Paradise observatory

    With over 100 years of history beginning from 1903 and also for a brief period of time because East Asia’s tallest tower, the Tsutenkaku Tower is a symbol of Osaka for locals. The 5th floor observatory offers one of the best views of the entire city. The Billiken Statue, which brings good luck to those who rub the soles of this feet, is a famous landmark that can be seen!

  • If you visit at night, the 4th floor has disco lights and mirror balls to light up the night sky along with a see-through floor offering called Tip the Tsutenkaku on weekends until 8:00 PM.

    The basement floor houses a theater where you can enjoy Rakugo or traditional Japanese storytelling play, Manzai or stand-up comedy on the weekends, and Enka or traditional Japanese singing on Monday’s.

    Address:1-18-6 Ebisu Higashi, Naniwa Ku, Osaka City, Osaka Japan
    Open Hours:8:30~21:30(a day, seven days a week)

    Open Hours:Week Day 10:00~18:00(Last Reception 17:45)、Sat, Sun, Holiday 10:00~20:00(Last Reception 19:45)
    Fee: Adult (more than high school students) 800Yen, Junior high / elementary school children / infants (more than 5 years of age) 400yen
    Barrier-Free Support

  • Eating Puffer fish in Osaka’s “Kuidaore” town, 「ZUBORAYA Shinsekai」

    In business since 1920, ZUBORAYA shinseikai offers delicious puffer fish cuisines at an affordable price. It is located south of the Tsutenkaku Tower near the Kuidaore town. You won’t miss this restaurant as it features a big puffer fish lantern in front of the store!
    The recommended menu items are the Tessa or puffer fish sashimi, Tecchiri or puffer fish hotpot, and Shirako.

  • ■ZUBORAYA Shinsekai
    Address:2-5-5 Ebisu Higashi, Naniwa Ku, Osaka City, Osaka Japan
    Tel: +81(0)6-6633-5529
    Open Hours:11:00~23:00(Last Order 22:30)

  • An Osaka Speciality; Kushikatsu at Yokozuna Shinsekai Honten

    Try a Shinseikai and Osaka Special called Kushikatsu, or Katsu meaning fried pork, at the famous YOKOZUNA restaurant. There you will find different offerings such as fried pork, chicken, vegetables, and seafood friend on a stick and paired with a dipping sauce. In addition, you can also try the Chanko Nabe whom Sumo Wrestlers commonly eat, sushi, steak, and fried noodles.
    Please note there is no double-dipping allowed!

    Address:2-4-11 Ebisu Higashi, Naniwa Ku, Osaka City, Osaka Japan
    Tel: +81(0)6-6631-4527
    Open Hours:10:00~23:00

  • Catch fish by yourself and eat JUNBO TSURIBUNE TSURIKICHI SHINSEKAI

    There are over 15 kinds of fish available such as red snapper, flounder, yellow jack, shrimp, and scallops all ready to be cooked after you hook it up!
    The Junbo Tsuribune Tsurikichi is a local favorite where customers can enjoy fishing and and eating freshly caught fish at the same time. Do not worry if it is your first time as the staff has all the fishing equipment and will help you fish and cook.

    Address:2-3-14 Ebisu Higashi, Naniwa Ku, Osaka City, Osaka Japan
    Tel: +81(0)6-6630-9026
    Open Hours: Weekday 11:00~3:00, Sat/Sun/Holiday 10:00~3:00, 〈Lunch Time〉Weekday 11:00 ~15:00( Last Order 14:30)

  • Enjoy an Osaka speciality of Okonomiyaki & Kushikatsu at 「FUKUMARU」

    Visit FUKUMARU to enjoy a collection of Osaka Classics such as the Okonomiyaki, a savory Japanese pancake, Friend Noodles, and Wagyu Steak cooked on the hot plate. We recommend trying making the okonomiyaki by yourself and have the restaurant staff top off your pancake with a 5-color mayonnaise!

    Address:2-1-15 Ebisu Higashi, Naniwa Ku, Osaka City, Osaka Japan
    Tel: +81(0)6-6630-7398
    Open Hours: Weekday 11:00~2200, Sat/Sun/Holiday 10:00~22:00

  • Vintage Showa era Japanese cafe since 1967 - TEAROOM DO RE MI

    TEAROOM DO RE MI is a Showa Japan style cafe right under the Tsutenkaku Tower that has been running since 1967. Popular with both locals and travelers alike, try their menu of sweets, smoothies, and coffee all in a red chair interior.
    In addition, don’t forget to check out their original cat character while enjoying their different offerings!

  • ■Tearoom Do Re Mi
    Address:1-18-8 Ebisu Higashi, Naniwa Ku, Osaka City, Osaka Japan
    Tel: +81(0)6-6643-6076
    Open Hours: 8:00~22:00, Tue Closed

  • Tsutenkaku Hondori Shopping Street

    Since 1912, the Tsutenkaku Hondori Shopping street has been providing stores, restaurants, and cafes to its visitors. With popular events such as Shinsekai Market on Shutter Street, W Market on Weekends, Saturday night food markets, and Sunday daytime flea markets. The W Market ends by the end of 2020 so please visit here while it is still here!

  • ■W Market
    DATE:Every Saturday 17:00~21:30/Every Sunday 11:00~17:00

    Text&Photo:Kana Yoshioka


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