Unique Tokyo drinks and music- Noctive recommended new venues in Shibuya and Shinjuku

Unique Tokyo drinks and music- Noctive recommended new venues in Shibuya and Shinjuku

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The Shibuya skyline has dramatically changed over the past few years, with new buildings and new sights to provide.

Some examples are the new “SHIBUYA SKY” which offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the city and the ”CÉ LA VI TOKYO” featuring a open air setting with a restaurant, sky bar, and club lounge.

Venues such as Shibuya Sky and “CÉ LA VI TOKYO” only recently opened in the Shibuya Area but Shinjuku has also started to upgrade its night-life selections to keep up with Shibuya as another must-go entertainment area of Tokyo.

See how Tokyo has evolved with our introduction of new stores opening in the past year and enjoy an unique selection of DJ lineups, drinks, and venues with a Japan only bar hopping experience around 1000 yen!

Temporary closure due to Covid-19. Please check us back for further updates on when we will reopen!

  • ▷Shibuya

  • (1)DJ Bar AZUMAYA

    About 100 years ago, Maruyama-cho in Shibuya prospered as Geisha District. The reminiscent of such culture remains with the area filled with love hotels. By the 1900s when the Japan’s club scenes gained its popularity, live music venues and clubs were built. Now, there are restaurants, bars, clubs and live music venues centered in that area.

    Part of the largest live music club in Shibuya, Tsutaya O-East in the center of Maruyama-cho has been renovated as DJ Bar AZUYAMA which opened in March 2019.

    The cherry blossom art in combination of the Japanese and Western style painted on the wall is unique to this music venue. Local DJs play great music such as house and techno so visitors could catch up with the current trend in Tokyo. It is also a great venue to enjoy the music along with a unique selection of drinks selected by sake sommelier known as Kikisake-shi in Japanese. Cocktails with spice, Shochu, Japanese whiskey, and liqueur made with Matcha(green tea), Hoji-cha tea, and Yuzu and other selections of sake are available. Despite of its variety, the entrance fee is very affordable with only\1000 with one drink included.

    Address:TSUTAYA O-EAST 2F, 2-14-8 Dogenzaka Shibuya-ku Tokyo JAPAN
    Tel: +81(0)3-6416-4184
    Open Hours:Mon~Sat 21:00~04:30


    Although people currently in their 20s and 30s were born in the digital era, there are many who prefer the old-fashioned analogue style. Music is also the same. While music can be purchased anywhere online, there are still many who prefer to take a visit to the vinyl cafe to listen to the records with their friends. To meet such expectations, the ”BLOODY ANGLE DOUGEN TONG”, an old-fashioned record music bar was opened in February this year. Produced by Japanese rapper and creative director, RYUZO, it is his second store with the first being “Bloody Angle” also a record & cafe bar.

    The interior of the store is becoming a customer favorite with neon tubes designed by YOSHIROTTEN, a popular Japanese artist to bring out a unique ambiance of a modern record music bar.

    From 11:00 to 20:00, the store is open as a cafe serving coffee, toasted sandwiches, and napolitan spaghetti. From 20:00 to 03:00, the store is open as a record bar. You can enjoy soul, funk, jazz, japanese pop music with a full bar and also purchase the record itself!

    Address:Noa Dogenzaka Bld B1F, 2-15-1 Dogenzaka Shibuya-ku Tokyo JAPAN
    Tel: +81(0)3-6712-7717
    Open Hours:11:00~03:00(11:00~20:00 CAFÉ TIME、20:00~27:00 BAR TIME)


    From Shibuya station, going up past the famous Dogenzaka Station towards to a place with less crowds, DJ Bar/club, “Mitsuki Tokyo” will greet the visitors with its orange moon and Dutchman’s Pipe cactus flower once entering its black heavy door. As with the “BLOODY ANGLE DOUGEN TONG”, “MITSUKI TOKYO” is also produced by RYUZO and interior done by YOSHIROTTEN.Half of the venue is a bar and dance floor with the other half is used as a VIP room where the DJ Booth is also located too. Local DJ plays a variety of different music here such as disco, soul, house, techno, and experimental. The affordable 1000 yen entrance fee makes it easy for visitors to go bar hopping in the night of Shibuya.

    Address:Nagashima Daiichi Bld B1F, 2-22-12 Dogenzaka Shibuya-ku Tokyo JAPAN
    Tel: +81(0)3-6455-0140
    Open Hours:Mon~Sat 21:00~05:00, Closed on Sun


    CÉ LA VI , a restaurant and bar at Singapore’s premier integrated resort, Marina Bay Sands has opened its Tokyo brunch, “CÉ LA VI Tokyo” on the 17th and 18th floor of Tokyu Plaza Shibuya, one of the newest building built recently in west Shibuya. The restaurant offers a luxurious space overlooking the city of Tokyo. Within the complex, there are two restaurants, “Restaurant & Sky Bar” and “BAO CÉ LA VI”, and a bar, “Sky Bar “and the “CÉ LA VI CLUB LOUNGE” which is open until 5am is very popular to the international visitors.
    Bar floors with laser lights, stunning night views and good music using Martin Audio speakers, first ever installed in Japan, and selections of sake makes this all in one venue an attractive and enjoyable place to be.

    Mr. Ewan Playford, the executive producer of “CÉ LA VI TOKYO” says that the concept of this space is to be an all-in-one venue for the Tokyo night-life. A place where you can be your most stylish self and enjoy an amazing night here with your friends or loved ones.

    Address:Tokyu Plaza Shibuya 17F & 18F, 1-2-3 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo JAPAN
    Tel: +81(0)800-111-3065
    Open Hours:Mon~Sat 21:00~05:00, Sun18:00~23:00

  • (5)Véronique

    A quick 10 minute walk from either Shibuya or Omotesando station will get you to a hideaway bar, Véronique popular in the creative and fashion community here in Tokyo.

    Once opening the black door of the bar, awaits the imposing urban space with high ceiling designed with an art by Daido Moriyama, one of the famous Japanese photographer. The contrast between the huge glass window on the wall and the light up plants are impressive. The interior is equipped with custom made European sofa and chairs with wide bar counter.

    Famous Japanese DJs - DJ TOSHIYUKI GOTO and IORI play a variety of different music here such as house, disco, dub, and techno using both record music and digital tracks. Come on Friday and Saturday nights to enjoy different kinds of music and drinks while enjoying the vibe on their dance floor.

    The area around the bar becomes quiet at night so it is perfect to relax after shopping or before going clubbing!

    Address:Noir Bld B1F, 5-12 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
    Tel: +81(0)3-6427-3721
    Open Hours:Mon~Sat 21:00~02:00, Closed on Sun

  • ▷Shinjuku

    DJ BAR Heart
  • (6)DJ BAR Heart

    Shinjuku’s Kabuki-cho is one of the biggest entertainment districts which has rebranded itself from a dangerous spot to one of the most popular tourist areas today.

    Between Kabuki-cho and Shinjuku 2-Chome, the largest LGBT area in Tokyo, lies a DJ Bar called “Heart” which opened at the end of last year.
    DJ Bar Hear is an affiliated bar to Shibuya’s popular club, “Contact” , “SOUND OF MUSEUM VISION” and “DJ Bar Bridge” and hosts locally popular Japanese DJ’s mainly dance music centering on house and techno. This bar welcomes club beginners to experts to all ethnicities and genders.

    Mr Arizumi, the store manager said that his store has customers from the LGBT community, to those who had fun in Kabukicho to those who usually hang out at clubs in Shibuya to all types. It is quite unique to see different types of people enjoying music and drinks together so if you're interested please use this store as your base and explore other bars starting from here.

    There are a selection of original cocktails recommended at this venue such as the Herb liqueurs, fruits cocktail, cocktail with the Shiso leaf, and the houji-cha highball all waiting for you to try!

    ■DJ BAR Heart
    Address:B1F Kado Bld, 2-19-9 Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo JAPAN
    Tel: +81(0)3-6384-1053
    Open Hours:Mon~Sat 20:00~05:00, Closed on Sun

  • (7)ORIZURU
    As Shinjuku’s Kabuki-cho has become a diverse community, a new club called “ORIZURU” opened last year with a concept of Borderless International and a gathering of different cultures to brighten up Tokyo’s nightlife.

    Located on the 5th floor of a building with a design inspired by Blade Runner and Akira, this space has popping colors and leather upholstery running all around the interior. They also feature a variety of music such as techno, hard-techno, house, and minimal played mostly by local Japanese DJs.

    The sound-proofed space and the TAGUCHI's custom-made speakers create the best music space and a must go spot for music lovers. There is a paper crane (Orizuru) flying in the bar which is said to be first made using origami paper about 400 years ago in the Edo era. Now, cranes are a symbol of peach and Japanese culture used for international exchange projects.

    Address:Umemura Bld 5F, 1-3 Kabuki Cho, Shinjuku-Ku, Shinjuku, Tokyo JAPAN
    Tel: +81(0)3-6273-9519
    Open Hours:Mon~Sat 21:00~05:00, Closed on Sun

    Text:Kana Yoshioka

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