Shibuya Gets Its Own Craft Beer, “Shibuya Yeast Diversity Yale”

Shibuya Gets Its Own Craft Beer, “Shibuya Yeast Diversity Yale”

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In September 2020, Shibuya’s very first own craft beer, “Shibuya Yeast Diversity Yale” was launched. Inspired by the concept of “diversity” as it represents the district’s melting-pot culture and community, this new craft beer is brewed with three types of yeasts to represent such a beer born in such an area. Moreover, Shibuya aims to make visitors drink Shibuya Yeast Diversity Yale as a standard beer to start with at a pub/izakaya/restaurant etc. in Shibuya. If you are in town, why not try this new craft beer that can only be found in Shibuya at selected liquor stores, restaurants and hotels.

  • The beer was made in collaboration with the Kyodo Shoji who operates Japanese craft beer brewery, COEDO. In typical process to make a beer, only beer yeast is used. However, Shibuya Yeast Diversity Yale is made with three types of yeasts typically used in the making beer, wine and spirits respectively. Each yeast is harmoniously blended but still leaves its unique characteristics, making this beer go well with any kind of food. Not only does it taste good, but it leaves a good punch to the brew.

    Shibuya Yeast Diversity Yale
  • In some familiar pop-art style, the typography used on the main design for this beer got its idea from the melting diverse cultures of Shibuya.

    Unfortunately, this craft beer will not be sold online. Those who want to try it must visit the selected liquor stores, restaurants and hotels in Shibuya to purchase. Either drinking it on spot or take it home to enjoy, Shibuya Yeast Diversity Yale will surely be the next new beer that will satisfy all those beer lovers.

    Price:390yen/bottle(tax exclusive)
    ・Contents: Malt, hops, (beer yeast, wine yeast, sake yeast)
    ・Company: COEDO Shoji Corporation COEDO Brewery

    Go to its webpage to find the list of places where you can buy a bottle of Shibuya Yeast Diversity Ale:
    【Official Web Page】
    【Original Movie】

  • Top image: Shibuya Gets Its Own Craft Beer, “Shibuya Yeast Diversity Yale”


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