What to Eat in Ikebukuro

What to Eat in Ikebukuro

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Being a major hub, Ikebukuro has plenty of places to eat. Here you will find everything from cheap izakayas to high-end dining, as well as plenty of cozy cafés and good bars.

  • Shikikaigan

    Chinese restaurant that specializes in spicy Sichuan food that is very popular among the Chinese community in Tokyo. Dinner courses start at a reasonable 2600 yen, and lunches go for less than half of that. We highly recommend their grilled lamb skewers as well as their spicy noodles. Located on the fourth floor of a somewhat unassuming building on the west side of Ikebukuro Station and might be a bit difficult to find, but trust us when we say this place is well worth looking for.

  • Mutekiya

    One of the most popular ramen restaurants in Ikebukuro. There’s usually a long queue in front of it, especially if you’re arriving during the peak hours. However, we do suggest you take the time and wait until one of their 16 or so seats becomes available, as the ramen you’ll get treated to here is among the best ones in all of Tokyo. All the ingredients that makes up their Mutekiya Ramen -- the signature dish -- has been prepared to perfection. Expect to pay around 1000 yen for a bowl.

  • Visit gyoza and ice cream heaven

    Namjatown is a indoor amusement park located in Sunshine City and noteworthy for the emphasis they put on foods and desserts. At their “Gyoza Stadium” you can try several different varieties of fried dumplings from about a dozen shops, each kind representing a different part of Japan. Namjatown also has a “dessert street” where you can try some of the weirdest kinds of ice cream we’ve ever had -- how about your local seasonal ice cream?

    Visit gyoza and ice cream heaven
  • Sushi Mamire

    There are a plethora of Sushi restaurants to choose from in Ikebukuro. One of our favorites is this somewhat unassuming joint where all the focus and energy goes into preparing high quality sushi for very reasonable prices. Another place that comes highly recommended is Midorisushi, located at the underground shopping street on the west side of Ikebukuro Station. Be advised thought that Midorisushi is also one of those places that tend to get really crowded during lunch hours. If the weather permits, we suggest you rather buy one of their pre-prepared lunch boxes and feast on it in some nearby park.

    Sushi Mamire
  • Café Pause & Plateaux

    Cafe Pause is one of our favorite places to go for coffee in Ikebukuro thanks for the relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff. Pause regularly arranges art exhibitions and other events targeting creative Tokyoites and visitors, check their website for current event information.
    Both are excellent choices for laptop nomads as they offer free wifi as well as power outlets.

    Café Pause & Plateaux
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