Nightlife in Osaka

Nightlife in Osaka

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  • It is no secret that Japan loves to drink and of course Osaka, known for its friendly people and fried street food, has some of the best nightlife in Japan. There is a whole world of variety outside of the chain bars and izakayas in Osaka, ranging from small live houses to tiny eateries housed in former offices. Get ready to party all night in Japan’s expressive and most rambunctious city.

  • Listen to live music at Noon + Cafe

    Listen to live music at Noon + Cafe
  • For a tame night out catch a live performance at Noon + Cafe in Nakazakicho. Located underneath the JR Kyoto line train tracks, Noon + Cafe is a cozy daytime cafe that turns into a club and event space in the evening. There are live shows or local DJs almost every night with a wide line up, from foreign bands to techno DJs. The ambiance for concerts can be relaxed while DJ nights bring in partiers from all over the city. The venue is intimate with industrial style decorations and eccentric artwork on the walls. Dinner is also served so be sure to get there before the party starts. The cafe specializes in American style food and is best known for their hamburgers. Noon + Cafe is open from 11AM to 11PM everyday.

  • Mingle with locals at Bar Pacha

    Mingle with locals at Bar Pacha
  • Kyobashi acts as central Osaka with its numerous bars and restaurants operating late into the night. One of the liveliest bars is Bar Pacha with its energetic atmosphere and good music. Locals do not come to Bar Pacha for its drinks but for its clientele. Some of the friendliest people in Osaka frequent this bar and tend to strike up conversations with newcomers. Calling itself an “American style bar”, Bar Pacha offers classic American comfort food alongside their drinks. The bar is small and people end up standing but it’s perfect for making a new friend in line. Bar Pacha is open from 5PM to 3AM on weekdays and until 4AM on weekends.

  • Have a late night dance party in Shinsaibashi

    Have a late night dance party in Shinsaibashi
  • For large dance clubs Shinsaibashi has some of the liveliest venues in Osaka. Sam and Dave is the place for late night parties after the last train. The crowd gets sizeable around 1AM which makes it the perfect place to hit up towards the end of the night. The club is popular with the young and international camp and can feel more like a major city outside of Japan. Events are held often and give reasons to drink and dance with purpose.

  • Bar hop in the Misono Building

    Bar hop in the Misono Building
  • For a more hidden venue, the Misono building houses a Golden Gai style group of bars on its second floor. The building once housed businesses but has been refurbished into a variety of bars and eateries. Each bar is tiny and intimate with a small occupancy. The Misono building makes it easy to bar hop and try all the different drinks.

  • Royal Crown Bar in the Misono Building

    Royal Crown Bar in the Misono Building
  • Royal Crown is a foreigner friendly cocktail bar where the cordial English speaking owner is interested in meeting new people. Not only is the conversation fun but Royal Crown makes some of the best original cocktails in Osaka. The bars and restaurants all vary with their closing times but most are open from 7PM.

  • Make friends during a pub crawl

    Make friends during a pub crawl
  • Traveling solo? To meet new people, both locals and tourists, try a pub crawl hosted by the website Meet Up. Tour guides scout out the best bars and pubs, such as Blarney Stone Pub, in popular nightlife areas like Shinsaibashi. The cover charge covers shots at the bars and discounts on various drinks throughout the night. Since the crawl is led by guides, all visitors need to do is show up and drink.

  • Catch a game at the local sports bar

    Catch a game at the local sports bar
  • For a larger venue, Balabushka is a standard American style sports bar with pool tables, dart boards and foosball. Drinks are standard and the food features American dive bar favorites such as french fries and nachos. There is a large TV that plays the most popular sports games and the bar can get crowded during big events.

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