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Hama-rikyu Gardens


This is a traditional garden located in the Chuo City of Tokyo with a unique Shioiri-no-ike (pond). “Shioiri” is a technique of drawing in sea water and using its tidal movements to change the shape of the pond. Hama-rikyu is one of the most famous Edo period gardens with its Shioiri-no-ike and its two goose-hunting places. On the island in the middle of the pond is the “Nakajima-no-ochaya (central island teahouse)” where guests can have tea and traditional cakes. The gardens are a nine-minute walk from Shiodome Station. In spring, visitors can enjoy the cherry blossoms, while in autumn cosmos flowers and colorful fall foliage make for splendid sights.

Tokyo Chuou-ku Hamarikyuteien
9:00-17:00 (Admission until 16:30)
New Year's Holiday(12/29-1/1)
[Admission fee] General 300 yen, Over 65150 Yen, Elementary school age students and under, and Junior High School Students Free* in Tokyo, attending school Note that it will take an admission fee even if you use only the bus arrival/departure area on Wednesday
Parking Lot
Available※ Parking is available only for visitors with a tourist bus and disabled people/wheelchair Available. General Vehicles use the nearby public parking lot.
Credit Card
Not available
Tel connects to the Hamarikyu Garden Garden Service Center.
Updated at: October 3, 2019 Information Sources: NAVITIME JAPAN



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