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Kodai-ji Zen Temple


This temple in Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City was founded in 1606 to pray for Toyotomi Hideyoshi's happiness in the next life by his wife, Nene. Along with a mausoleum for the both of them, you can also visit the front gate of former Fushimi castle, the Kasatei teahouse, the Shiguretei teahouse, the Kaisando hall which holds favorite mementos of the two, and the Mizukidai pavilion (all of which are Important Cultural Properties of Japan). The fine gold lacquer work on the Buddha dais and miniature shrine within the mausoleum are masterpieces of Momoyama-period artwork and known as Kodai-ji Temple Makie. The garden on site surrounding a small pond is not to be missed and has been nationally designated as a Place of Scenic Beauty as well as a Historic Site. It is lit up during the sakura cherry blossom season in spring, at night in summer, during the gorgeous foliage season in fall, and on New Year's Eve.

Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto-shi Higashiyama-ku Kodaiji Shimogawara-machi 526
9:00-17:30 (17:00 Information desk closed) ※ Spring, Summer, Fall, New Year's Eve SundayDinner Admission fee available
open everyday
[Admission fee to worship] Adults600yen, junior and senior high school 250yen, group (30people and above) 500yen
Parking Lot
Credit Card
Not available
Available (Available smoking area next to Grounds south side Riseido)
Updated at: April 9, 2020 Information Sources: NAVITIME JAPAN


  • Reviewed
    Tea Tour of Japan 2019

    Spent the afternoon here while on the World Tea Tours - Tea Tour of Japan 2019. Enjoyed an introduction to the temple as well as a private tea ceremony all while wearing Kimono. A delight. more

    Date of visit:
  • Reviewed
    Amazing Zen garden. This place is more cultural than historical

    The entire area embodies the beauty of Japanese culture. The Zen gardens are amazing. I was expecting some back stories of Toyotomi and Nene, and they indeed promote it, albeit a highly romanticized... more

    Date of visit:
  • Reviewed
    Kōdaiji Temple

    Stunning Kōdaiji Temple, Higashiyama District, fantastic location for a stroll afterwards to the street food. more

    Date of visit:
  • Reviewed
    Quiet temple with peaceful environment

    Kodai-ji temple was from Rinzai Zen established by 1606 in memory of Toyotomi Hideyoshin. It was more quiet than other tourist spots in the vicinity. There was a bamboo garden inside and the place... more

    Date of visit:
  • Reviewed
    Worth stopover for autumn night lightup

    Didnt plan to go orginally. However the night illumination of the autumn leaves reflected over pond was surreal and the bamboo walk were impressive. A bit of crowd though manageable. Worth to make a... more

    Date of visit:
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