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Park / Green Space

Inokashira Park


Inokashira Park is a metropolitan park that straddles the boundary between Musashino City and Mitaka City in Tokyo. Opened in 1917, it was the first park of its kind in Japan to be located in the suburbs of a major city. The Park is close to the commercial districts of Mitaka and Kichijoji, and is situated very near to a railway station; as an “oasis” of greenery within the metropolis, it receives many visitors every day, not only from the immediate neighborhood but from other areas as well. There are street vendors (selling handmade goods, etc.) and street performers, giving the Park and the surrounding area a lively atmosphere. Inokashira Park is famous for the cherry trees (of the Somei Yoshino variety) that flower near the pond inside the Park in spring; it is ranked among the Top 100 best places in Japan to view cherry blossom.

Tokyo Musashinoshi Gotenyama 1-18-31
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Admission freedom
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  • Reviewed
    Have fun with the swan peddle boat

    Make sure you visit the pond where most of the activities are. The swan peddle boat cost 700¥ for 30mins - good fun for couples or with family / kids. Try to go during a clear sunny day so you can... more

    Date of visit:
  • Reviewed
    Perfect for the weekend

    Beautiful park with two shrines. Try boating around the pond in a swan-mobile. We had a great time here. There are numerous restaurants/cafes that line the park. Also, on weekends local artists sell... more

    Date of visit:
  • Reviewed
    An oasis....

    Check it out on weekend if you can as the locals come out and there is entertainment. The park abuts Studio Ghibli and has restaurants, a huge lake wher you ca rent boats, it’s own zoo and temple. more

    Date of visit:
  • Reviewed
    Refuge in a big city

    We ventured here for a good part of an afternoon. We loved this large park especially with the huge pond. Wildlife abound inclusive of the fish. Easy walking in a quiet park surrounded by trees and... more

    Date of visit:
  • Reviewed
    Escape the Hustle & Bustle in Inokashira Park

    Inokashira koen is a lovely tranquil spot for you to walk around. Week days are perhaps best. Short walk past Parco to tbe park. more

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